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Campus Key – University Accommodation in South Africa Smart Lock Case Study

Project Description :

Project site : Stellenbosch and UCT, Cape Town ;

Campus Key, one of our most treasured long-term partners in South Africa, is the leading provider of luxury secure student accommodation. With properties in prime locations and a dedicated, personalized management style, it is committed to providing students with an excellent service. 

Campus Key’s accommodation serves renowned universities in South Africa including Stellenbosch University, Cape Town University, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, North-West University, University of the Free State, University of Pretoria and others.


Reliable Verification MethodsReliable Verification Methods

To secure the safety and privacy of an accommodation, a reliable authentication method which prevents illegal and improper access, must be deployed. Conventional verification methods including password and card could hardly verify the authenticity of the password or card holders’ identities. Truly reliable verification method of a person’s identity thus become the critical point of the security. Thus it requires a biometric verification method with unique authentication of a person’s identity.

Different Authorities for Different Access

Each building consists of various multi-level suites, each suite has 2 individual student rooms with their own amenities and a shared pantry. Thus students who live in the building shall be authorized with their own biometric identity for access of the building, and authorized with specific rights of their own suite and rooms. - a system that is able to provide multi-door, multi-level access control with students’ customized access rights.

Flexible Registration Setting

The accommodation is designed for university students’ non-permanent living. Each academic semester students move in and out, therefore a system which enables flexible and easy registration and deregistration assists the management of the accommodation.




Device Name

Device Model

Biometric Door Lock with Fingerprint, RFID and Password Verifications


Technical Features/Solution. Project: UCT 1 and 2

• There are 2 multi-level buildings with various suites. Each suite has a shared door, 2 independent rooms with own amenities, and a shared pantry.

• Each door is equipped with a L5000 Fingerprint Door Lock. Approximately 1,500 units have been deployed.

• All residents?identities of the building are registered, and are eligible to access the gate of the building. Each resident is authorized to have access right of their own suite and pantry. Only residents of their own rooms are eligible to have access to the rooms.

• Management cards are issued to the maintenance staffs with limited access.

• All resident are biometrically verified by fingerprint methods to ensure the authenticity of the identity.

Function Description

• L5000 is a fingerprint door lock access control with the new generation of ZKTeco fingerprint verification algorithm. It takes easy installation with no wiring needed. It offers fingerprint, password, RFID card and mechanical key verification methods. It verifies fingerprint with an extreme fast speed of less than 1 second, and with extra -large storage capacity to 500 fingerprints.

• Each lock is operated with 4 AA alkaline batteries with no wired power supply needed. With a project that needs a large quantity of locks in fast-track build environment, it is essential to have ease of installation and cost effectiveness. Alarm and status function for low battery and illegal operation are included.

• All access data history can be extracted via USB port and flash disk.

• Registration, deregistration and any change of residents’ authority of access can easily be made by a customized central management software. All locks are managed by the software. No particular changes of setting are necessary to be made on any lock.

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